Curle on Transformations in the Legal Publishing Industry

David Curle, Director & Lead Analyst
Outsell, Inc.

Summary: This presentation will look at trends in the legal information industry and their implications for law firms and private law libraries.   How have legal publishers changed in the past 15 years?  What drives legal publishing, particularly for the Big Three of Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, and Wolters Kluwer?  What are some of the disruptive forces at work in the industry – the new technologies or business models that will reshape the next 15 years?   How can firm law libraries respond?  How have other info industries responded to similar changes?

Audio File:   Click here to listen    [Requires log-in to AALL Community]

Biography:  David Curle provides analytic coverage of the Legal, Tax & Regulatory information segment, including legal publishing and related market segments.  He provides Outsell clients with company-specific advisory services that encompass the following areas: changes in the practice of law and the structure of the legal industry; size and structure of the legal information industry; generational differences in legal information users; and the integration of official and public domain content with proprietary information services. He also covers the legal information segment’s financial performance and benchmarks.  David has a B.A. from Lawrence University and a J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School.


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