Pacifici on Current Awareness Sources

Sabrina I. Pacifici, Librarian & Founder, Editor, Publisher and
Summary:  Programs, applications and resources , includ ing branding, SharePoint, blogs, video tutorials, Twitter and other current awareness and monitoring applications can be use d to leverage and provide consistent, reliable, diverse and comprehensive information that strengthen your library’s visibility and value.

Biography:  Sabrina I. Pacifici began her professional career in 1979 in Washington, DC, and has worked in special libraries in Washington for 32 years. Sabrina has been an active member of the global online researcher community since its inception.  Her work includes a 20 year tenure as library services director for a global 10 law firm where her pioneering Internet work included the development of a law firm enterprise-wide research intranet, as well as implementation and delivery of enterprise-wide research blogs.  Sabrina is also the Founder, Editor, Publisher of, – – the free webzine established in 1996 – continuously publishing legal and technology related articles and resources for Librarians, Lawyers, Researchers, Academic and Public Interest Communities.  She is also author of beSpacific – –  Accurate, focused law and technology research, updated daily since 2002 with a searchable database of over 26,000 postings on issues including the financial system, e-government, civil liberties, FOIA, open source, international law, privacy, cybercime and ID theft, KM, legal research, the evolving role of libraries and librarians, and more……


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