Salazar, Brown and Lambert on Trends, Tempests and Teapots

3 Geeks and a Law Blog

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Some say that the idea for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog came from what the group now calls “The 3 Beer Solution.” However, it really came about over a lunch that featured Arnold Palmers rather than a round from the local brewery. Thus began, back in August of 2008, a pact (some say an unholy alliance) that formed between a law firm Marketer (Lisa Salazar), a law firm Knowledge Manager/Alternative Fees guy (Toby Brown), and a law firm Librarian (Greg Lambert.) Since that time, the name 3 Geeks really doesn’t fit the actual number of contributors that make up the blog as it is known today. Stepping in for Lisa today is Scott Preston, or “Geek #4” as he is known in certain circles. Scott as well as others from KM, IT, Finance, Business Development, etc. have made 3 Geeks a collaborative blog that focuses on the sometimes forgotten Administrative side of the law firm. Apparently, there is pent up demand for stories from the “non-lawyer” side of a law firm and as a result, the blog gathers in somewhere between one and two thousand page views a day and has won a number of distinctions such as recognition as an ABA Legal Blawg 100 winner for two years in a row.

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