2012 Summit

PLL-Summit III: The Path to 2020: A Vision for Change
Saturday, July 21, 2012
Boston, MA

The PLL Summit, now in its third year, continues to address issues critical to the future of law librarians and law firms. As change agents, we must ask the questions which will help us understand the fundamental changes in the business and practice of law. What will information services look like in 2020 and what should we be doing now to advance that vision? How do we empower ourselves to drive information strategies, ensuring our own viability as information professionals? In addition to a forward-looking discussion of library services, a panel of partners, including Greg Castanias, Library partner at Jones Day, will discuss the value proposition librarians bring to the table and how they see our roles evolving. Break-out sessions will cover the business of law, proactively managing your career and technological advances and challenges.

Participants will be better able to understand the trends, structure and pressures of the law firm environment so that they can be prepared to take leadership roles as the practice of law goes through a time of radical change.

In order to provide access to a wider audience, we have secured a venue that can accommodate up to 350 attendees. We encourage members to register early so they can be a part of this invaluable one-day conference.

Please contact the committee if you would like to be involved or have comments to share.

Register for the 2012 Summit here.

9 thoughts on “2012 Summit

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  2. Andrea Rasmussen

    I’d love to attend the summit but will not be registering to attend the full AALL conference. Is there any option to register for the summit only?

  3. Karen

    I’ve registered for the Summit, but was wondering if I was supposed to designate a “Track?” in advance? Thanks!


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