Silvia Coulter, LawVision Group, on Owning New Technologies

In addition to our Keynote speaker and panels, the PLL Summit will host a series of tracks in the afternoon focusing on current issues of importance to law librarians. 

Silvia Coulter, LawVision Group, will lead the Technology Track, Owning New Technologies, 3:30-4:15 p.m. Silvia Coulter is well versed in law firm dynamics, having been a former CMO at two AmLaw50 firms.  Prior to co-Founding LawVision Group, where she presently leads the firm’s Client Development and Strategic Growth Practice business, Silvia chaired the Client Development Practice at Hildebrandt International. 

Silvia understands law firm inter-department relationships and how they are an important main stay for a firm to be competitive in this global economy. Please join us as Silvia addresses how do the new technologies fit in with today’s law librarian’s responsibilities, and how do we communicate to the rest of the firm why it is so vital that the research department “own,” evolving applications?

Libraries still provide traditional services.  Although the medium has changed, the message is the same.  At the end of the day, our responsibility is to provide the most cost efficient services to our clients (attorneys), so that they are empowered to provide the same to their clients;  the revenue source for the firm.


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