Teaching the Business of Law and the value of Project Management

PLL Summit afternoon programming includes Teaching the Business of Law and the Value of Project Management.  Project management in the law firm world is frequently discussed and written about.  Law firms use project management to support clients, litigation and in-house projects.  Bill Henderson will speak about this and other trends in the legal industry.

Track 1: Teaching the Business of Law and the value of Project Management
Speaker: William Henderson, Professor of Law and Van Nolen Faculty Fellow, Director, Center on the Global legal Profession, Indiana University School of Law

Bill Henderson, professor of law at the Indiana University—Bloomington has spent his career analyzing the business side of the legal profession, which has earned him the reputation as a legal innovator, and according to the ABA Journal, a legal rebel. He really eats, breathes and sleeps such things as revenue-per-lawyer, associate satisfaction and lockstep partner compensation. Recognized as one of the foremost experts on the market trends affecting the business of law, Bill will share with Summit attendees what he sees as trends in the legal industry as we move towards a new business model.


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