The Clients Speak: Extending the Role of Librarians in the Age of Corporate Counsel

Collectively authored by Cheryl Niemeier, Marcia Burris, Emily Florio, Chris Laut, and Janice Henderson

It’s the age of corporate counsel in the legal industry. In today’s legal environment inside counsel are in the driver’s seat with regard to pricing and valuation of legal services. As a result, it is critical that law firms engage their clients as partners and not only assist them in solving discrete legal problems but also proactively help them anticipate and address their mission critical business needs.

In the morning panel session at the PLL 2014 “Voice of the Client” Summit, attendees will have the opportunity to hear three corporate counsel discuss their views and expectations regarding more efficient delivery of legal services and the role law librarians can play in client facing teams.

Our panelists for this program are all in-house counsel and each will bring their unique perspective to this important and timely discussion. Law firms are in a race to both add to and maintain their existing client base in an increasingly competitive environment. This session is sure to provide you with information on what clients expect of their law firms as well as tips on how law librarians can help their firms provide clients with excellent legal service.


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