Could Your Lawyers Pass a General Counsel’s Research Skills Audit?

Guest Post written by Jean O’Grady, Director of Research Services and Libraries at DLA Piper

Casey Flaherty, the GC of Kia Motors, made headlines last year by developing a basic technology audit which he administers to outside law firms.   His talk at AALL in Seattle was quite provocative and well attended, and we are very happy to report that he’ll be with us again at this year’s AALL Summit.  Taking a page from Casey’s technology audit and AALL’s Principles and Standards for Legal Research Competencies, this session will invite attendees to collaborate on drafting a practice-focused research audit.

The goal of this program is to create a topical research audit which attendees can take back to their organizations and which can be made available on the PLL and Tech Audit website at Suffolk Law School.  This audit will provide a new tool to help law firms, associates and other organizations determine whether they are working efficiently and effectively in a world that is evolving towards AFAs, project management and legal process outsourcing.

In advance of the program each attendee will be invited to select legal topics of importance to them and/or their organization. They will join other professionals in determining the most important skills, resources and techniques which define a competent researcher in that practice area. Teams of attendees will draft questions to test the competencies for each topic. The tests developed in this session will be posted on the PLL website and will be made available to Casey Flaherty’s tech audit initiative.

Join us and be part of the solution!

Special Guest:

Casey Flaherty, General Counsel, Kia Motors


Jean O’Grady, Director of Research Services and Libraries at DLA Piper

Steve Lastres, Director of Knowledge Management Services at Debevoise & Plimpton.  Steve authored the white paper  “Rebooting Legal Research in the Digital Age” .


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