Summit Afternoon Session: Enhancing Research and Library Service Models

As the 2016 PLLIP Summit draws nearer, we are excited to provide additional detail about our afternoon sessions. As we have done in years past, we will be offering three unique sessions in the afternoon, each to be repeated twice, so attendees can select two of the three to learn from.

Enhancing Research and Library Service Models

Paul Meyer’s interactive morning session at the PLLIP Summit will introduce theory and practical methods for responding strategically to challenges and opportunities, to optimize the impact of library/information services within our organizations.   Building on concepts presented in the morning, Mr. Meyer will return for afternoon breakout sessions to facilitate discussions enabling participants to identify opportunities to move their departments forward with a plan of strategic alignment.  These sessions will provide opportunity to focus on strategy from an organizational perspective, through evaluating both external and internal trends, partnering with other administrative groups and communicating strategically.   No plan for change is free of obstacles, but in this session attendees will be able to visualize potential barriers to success and discover tactics to overcome them.   Attendees will then be better positioned to champion new services and initiatives designed to enhance the competitiveness of their organizations within the legal marketplace.

To learn more about Paul Meyer and other Summit speakers, read the bios here.  Register for the summit on the 2016 AALL Annual Meeting page here.


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