Announcing the 2017 PLLIP Summit Keynote Address

For the 2017 Summit Keynote, Professor Gabriel Teninbaum will explore the legal innovation landscape and describe how that is impacting (and will impact) law librarians. Hear how large and small law firms are incorporating technology, responding to client demands and feedback, and how AI and other technologies and trends continue to impact the competitive legal landscape.  Delve into the roles of librarians in innovation, efficiency initiatives, and development of potential new revenue streams. Professor Teninbaum will host a lively discussion at the end of the keynote presentation to respond to members’ specific questions. We thank Wolters-Kluwer for their generous support of this year’s keynote address.

More about Professor Teninbaum:

Prof. Gabriel Teninbaum began his legal career by attending law school at night while serving in the U.S. Secret Service. After graduating from Suffolk Law, he had a two-year stint as a trial attorney at a Boston firm before joining the full-time faculty at Suffolk University Law School in 2007. Gabe currently serves as Director of Suffolk Law’s Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation, and Director of the Law Practice Technology Concentration at Suffolk, teaching classes such as “Lawyering in the Age of Smart Machines” and “Coding for Lawyers and 21st Century Legal Profession.”  Gabe also puts theory into practice, having built, an app that harnesses scientific research to allow law students and bar preppers to learn far more in far less time. In addition, he participates in the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission’s Web/Tech Working Group.  He was named one of the 2016 FastCase 50, and currently is a Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Professor Teninbaum’s full bio is available here.


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