Morning Session: Can Librarians Help Legal Organizations Become More Data Driven?

In the morning session, Professor Dan Katz will delve into data science, a growing field within the legal industry. As organizations within the legal industry attempt to become more data driven, the skills held by law librarians are well suited to help law firms, corporate legal departments, courts, and non-profits craft and execute a legal data strategy. After some introductory comments, the session will begin with a hands-on session where teams will help draft a legal data strategy in response to a specific vignette. After working through the specific scenario, Professor Katz will conclude with a general discussion of how to bootstrap a data strategy within your organization using a blend of experts, crowd-sourcing and algorithms.

More about Professor Katz:

Professor Dan Katz is a scientist, technologist and law professor who applies an innovative polytechnic approach to teaching law. He is actively involved in the legal technology industry – he is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of LexPredict (a Legal Analytics company). Professor Katz joined Chicago-Kent in 2015 from Michigan State University College of Law, where he co-founded the ReInvent Law Laboratory, an innovative multi-disciplinary center that focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship, informatics, programming and design thinking to better understand, analyze and design the law. He earned a spot on the Fastcase 50 and was named to the American Bar Association Journal’s Legal Rebels in 2013, both recognizing him as a leading innovator in the legal profession. Professor Katz’s full bio is available here.

Visit the 2017 Summit website for more information on the day’s sessions. To learn more about Professor Dan Katz and other Summit speakers, read the bios here.

To register for the 2017 PLLIP Summit, please visit the AALL Annual Conference page.  Note that the Summit is listed as a Preconference Workshop.


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