Morning Session: Lean Law Libraries

Librarians are always under pressure to do more with less while remaining deeply relevant to our stakeholders. How can we achieve “better, faster, AND cheaper” while maintaining high quality services? Shaunna Mireau will use the lens of Lean Six Sigma to examine how the library can build better, faster, and cheaper solutions that will also delight our clients.

Shaunna will share how leadership in process improvement is an opportunity to expand the existing scope of services outside the library. Law librarians who can use Lean Six Sigma concepts (including waste reduction, process mapping, and project management) will be able to cross-pollinate library and management skills, increase the relevance of the library to the firm, and provide internal and external clients with efficient and effective service.  This interactive session will include takeaway handouts and individual and group exercises.

For more information about the 2018 Summit, please visit our website here.

To register for the 2018 PLLIP Summit, please visit the AALL Annual Conference page here.  Note that the Summit is listed as a Preconference Workshop.

More about Shaunna Mireau:

As Director of Knowledge Management and Process Improvement at the Field Law firm in Alberta, Shaunna’s position includes coordinating knowledge management projects, managing the firms Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement projects, and close collaboration with the firm libraries, technology team and practice groups. She blogs at and recently wrote “Internal and External Marketing by Information Professionals”, a chapter in A Handbook for Corporate Information Professionals, by Katharine Schopflin, contrib. ed. (London, UK: Facet, 2014) and a chapter titled “Working in Knowledge Management” in Legal Information Specialists: A Guide to Launching and Building Your Career, by Annette Demers, ed. (Toronto, LexisNexis, 2012). Shaunna graduated from the MacEwan Library Technician program in 1992 and earned her Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University in 2015. Shaunna is currently serving as the Vice President (President Elect) of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries.

Shaunna’s full bio can be found here.

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