Suggested Readings

Recommended Readings

From Jean O’Grady:

No Room in the C Suite for Strategic Information Leaders, (aka Librarians): The Long Shadow of Help Wanted Female? Dewey B Strategic

Before Women Could “Lean In” The “Good Girls”  Had to Revolt, Dewey B Strategic

The Future is Now: Eight Emerging Roles for Law Librarians, By Jordan Furlong

The Secretarial Canary in the Law Firm Coal Mine by Jordan Furlong

Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of the Blind Audition on Female Musicians by Claudia Goldin and Cecelia Rouse


From Victoria Pynchon:

Reframe the Workplace Change the World, By Victoria Pynchon, Forbes

What Sandberg Should Have Done Made the First Offer, by Victoria Pynchon, Forbes,

Why We Assume the Pay Gap Doesn’t Apply to Us , by Victoria Pynchon, Forbes

Your Raise is on the Front Page of the New York Times, by Victoria Pynchon, Forbes,

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